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Fake Rails Girls Berlin

this is a mockup how the Rails Girls Berlin site could look on learnery

Anniversary Workshop May 2013 08 May 10:00

Rails Girls Berlin is now 1 years old! To celebrate the amazing initiative from Rails Girls and the Berlin initiative to form Rails Girls Berlin, we would like to host a special anniversary workshop on Saturday 4th May. We would like to combine exercises from the Original Rails Girls Workshop and some new exercises from the Rails Girls Berlin Workshop. Beginners and people with some more experience with rails/ruby or another programming language will be welcomed! For those with no previous experience, we would form groups with people who have similar knowledge and experience as yourself. For those who have previously attended a Rails Girls Workshop or have some experience with Rails/Ruby or another programming language there will be a chance to form your own groups on the day and choose a project to work on. We want to provide a secure, friendly atmosphere and create a differently learning environment in order to not only support but also further motivate women who want to code, but don’t have the right environment to do so. We also aim to establish a community, so it’s not a once in a life-time event, we want to help women code and encourage them to continue coding. Although our main focus is on women we would never exclude men. Those who are looking for support within Rails can come to us!

2013-05-08 10:00:00 UTC
2013-05-08 17:00:00 UTC